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Textbook 3.0

The Org-Change Doctor’s
Guide to Organizational Change: Textbook 3.0 edition

Anyone using an eTextbook quickly sees that the eBook version is essentially a physical book in a new medium.  The publishers added some videos as supplemental material, but the core book itself is unchanged.  This begs the question, what would a “book” be if you had never seen a physical book before?  The concept here is a collection of multi-media resources developed on a course-building platform and made available to a global audience.  This concept is expected to grow as ideas surface for leveraging other technologies & pedagogy that can be harnessed within an online learning environment – more out-of-the-box thinking of what a textbook might be.


This eTextbook is rolling out in modules that are designed to fit together into a comprehensive textbook suitable for an upper division college class.  (Contact us for group discounts if you are an instructor adopting this textbook for use in your class.)  

eTextbook skeleton - coming soon 
Essentially the TOC with the introductions to all modules plus other videos and documents that do not fit within a standalone module, but comprise an essential element in the eTextbook.

List of Available Online Courses