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Beta Testers

Beta Tester Program - open to people interested in getting a "first look" at new online courses


  • Free enrollment in new courses before they are publicly promoted 
  • Early access to documents and slides produced for new courses in development
  • Free worksheets, checklists, or other documents as they are developed
  • Continued enrollment in the Beta Tester Program after each active engagement  


  • Provide feedback on your organizational pain points (used to prioritize new course development)
  • Review and provide feedback on draft content and videos produced
  • Give us a week to review and address any issues before rating the course and providing public comments

Email Dr. Wirth to request a free coupon to join the tests.  

In your email include (1) a short description about your organization and (2) the pain points you are facing.

Click here to see the tests that are currently underway.