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Change Models

Match the right organizational change approach to the type of challenge faced

"Cut through Change Confusion (Understand the Types of Change Models)" - Enroll now to reduce confusion

(6 videos + 1 document)

1. Choosing the Right Organizational Change Model  
2. Change Models – Classification Framework 
3. Change Process Classifications   
4. Difficulty Classifications  
5. Change Process Theories – Introduction 
6. Change Process Theories – Model Detail   
7. Organizational Change Process Theories (Deep Dive)

Not all change is the same – use the right change model for better results!

 Many authors and instructors throw the term “Change Models” around freely, which often causes great confusion since there are many models, often with very different purposes and perspectives on the change process.  This online course is an attempt to cut through the confusion with a classification scheme that ties the model choice to the purpose served in the change project.  Further, by approaching model choice from a “purpose” perspective, the change leader can narrow the models to those most appropriate and avoid using a hammer when a screwdriver is needed.

 Upon completion of this course, you will understand change model classifications and some of the models that are available for each classification.  However, the value of knowing the change classification you face only comes from using that knowledge when designing and implementing a change project.

 Do you understand your problem situation and which change model is needed?  Enroll Now!