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Change Management Network - novice to advanced org-change education

How competent are you to lead the change your organization needs?

• What change models are needed to diagnose the core problem?  What needs to change?  What needs protection from change?

• Can you align change communication with where people are in their Stages of Change?

• Does your organization have a clear change project methodology?

• Can you mitigate where resistance is likely to develop?

• Can you manage a portfolio of change?

All these topics and more are addressed in the Change Management Network.

Includes a sub-group dedicated to a Change Management Bootcamp with the following topics:

A. Why Change?  Raising awareness & urgency

B. Diagnosis – sense-making of core problems

C. Assemble the Change Leadership Team

D. Developing a Vision for Change

E. Assess Organizational Readiness to Change

F. Stages of Change – understanding how people change  

G. Implementation Plan development – within a portfolio of change

H. Change Leadership – implementation 

I. Change Enablement – new ways of thinking about change 

J. Resistance – Mitigation & Learning from what others are telling you

K. Track & Celebrate Progress – Stabilize the Change

L. Change Portfolio Management

M. Becoming a Change Leader (personal development) – supporting competencies