The Org-Change Doctor

Successful Leadership Requires Successful Change

Are you Running Hard, but Standing Still?

Do things need to change, but you do not know where to start?  Not that uncommon today!

Change needs to a core competency


  • do you know what you need to know?
  • can you afford to hire a consultant?
  • do you have the time to learn yourself without guidance?

What I Do

I help managers & business owners
     achieve high performance results that are strategically focused & aligned 
     by providing strategic leadership & organizational change resources 
    in a do-it-yourself, easy to learn & apply format.

What I believe about Organizational Change:

3 Essentials for Successful Org Change

  1. Knowing what to change 
           and what not to change
  1. Differentiate change leadership and change management
           Ability to mandate vs. influence change 
           Lead the vision for change
           Manage the change process
  1. Knowing how to involve people
           Change enablement 

Critical Success Factors for Organizational Change:

  1. Seek to understand dominant trends
  2. Unbundle and re-bundle with craftsmanship and care
  3. Establish some context for change
  4. Influence without attempting to control
  5. Determine whether change management or change leadership is needed
  6. Emotion trumps logic
  7. Use vision to establish some certainty
  8. Decrease learning anxiety while increasing survival anxiety
  9. Expect a performance dip
  10. Organizations only change through collective change by individuals
  11. Enable leadership at all levels
  12. Encourage participation
  13. Change agents also need a mentor 

Self-paced online courses

are designed to (1) provide learning that can be applied immediately while also (2) giving insight into what else may be needed to implement a successful change initiative.  The list of courses is growing with development prioritized with input from consulting clients and students.  


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Overcome the Resistance that is Limiting Your Success 
Manage resistance – or it will manage you

Now in development, prioritized by client & student feedback received

1. “Breaking Bad Habits – Establishing Good Habits” (organizing content) 

2. Change Model Worksheet – Application of Learning for “Choosing the Right Organizational Change Model”  

3. Change Resistance Worksheet – Application of Learning for “Managing Resistance to Organizational Change” 

4. “30-Day Organization Workout” (chunking content)

5. “Organizational Health Checkup & Workout Exercises” (outlining)

Recently Published

Guideto Org Change: Textbook 3.0” (WIP edition, a new course published) - 5 videos + 7 PDFs + 1 case study

ChangeRx Change Project Management Methodology” (#4 WIP edition published) - One lecture – methodology & process flow image

Choosing theRight Organizational Change Model” (Course #3 published) - Five videos + one PDF from Section 3

Weekly tips to turn problems into opportunities.  Tips include:
  • Knowing what to change & what to protect
  • Dealing with change resistance
  • Managing a change initiative
  • Knowing when to manage, lead, or enable
  • Plus More - Learning what you don't know 

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Argument for Change

•   Change will occur, with or without your input.

•   Better to influence what you can than take what others will give you.