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Online Courses

The Online Courses to the right are designed to provide cost-effective learning that can be applied immediately.

Premium versions of these courses are also available on request if you desire to be included in a Learning Circle with peer discussions and encouragement.  1:1 mentoring is also available to review your Application of Learning Project and help you apply course content to your organizational problems.   

The topic flow below organizes the study of organizational change in a connected-view.  However, students are expected to jump around and take the course that best fits their need at that time.  Jumping around may also identify knowledge gaps that need to be addressed later when time is available.

Change Resistance
"Managing Resistance to Organizational Change - Understanding, Mitigating, & Enduring" - Enroll now for 20% off

(18 video lectures + 3 supporting documents)

All organizational change initiatives have some resistance.  (If not, a change initiative would not be needed!)  To successfully lead change, it is necessary to manage resistance.  However, the reasons behind resistance are very complex and often influenced by the change objective’s impact and how the change project is managed.  

Getting Started

"Leading Change – Getting Started with a Change Philosophy" - Enroll now to Get Started - $25

(6 video lectures + 2 supporting documents)  

*** Course & Lecture Descriptions ***

Understanding what you believe about organizational change allows you to consider how you can improve your approach to managing change.  This introductory course will also help you identify what you need to know (that you may not know you need to know). 

Courses in Development
The following online courses are in various phases of development. 
    • Organizational Change Project Management Methodology
    • How to Influence People to Change (Stages of Change)
    • Diagnosis & Prescription for Change
    • Organizational Change Models
 (Consider becoming a Beta Tester if you would like early involvement in the development and roll-out of these courses.)