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Beta Testers

"Change Rx - Change Management Project Methodology" - Enroll now in the Beta Tester Program
(In active development)

WIP edition now available

Note that this course is a “work in process” – the full “Change Management Project Methodology” is available for download now with a complete set of supporting videos and worksheets in development.  As a WIP edition, the course price will increase as video lectures are added over the next few months.  However, all students enrolling now will receive the new content at no additional cost.  Student feedback will drive my development schedule – what students need most will be developed first.

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The topic flow below organizes the study of organizational change.  However, students are expected to jump around and take the courses that best fit their individual needs.   

Change Resistance
"Overcome the Resistance that is Limiting Your Success" - Enroll now to defeat resistance

(16 video lectures + 2 supporting documents)

What is getting between You and the Success You Want?  Other people resisting what you want!  That is what is holding you back.  Are you taking out your frustrations at home?  Or compensating by micro-managing the resistance you face? 

All organizational change projects have some resistance.  However, the reasons behind resistance are very complex and often influenced by the change objective’s impact and how the change project is managed.  Further, the people leading the change project are often the source of the resistance through their choice of leadership style and management actions.

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"Cut through the Change Confusion (Understand the Types of Change Models)" -
Enroll now to choose the right model 

(6 video lectures + 1 supporting documents)

*** Course & Lecture Descriptions ***

Many authors and instructors throw the term “Change Models” around freely, which often causes great confusion since there are many models, often with very different purposes and perspectives on the change process.  This online course is an attempt to cut through the confusion with a classification scheme that ties the model choice to the purpose served in the change project.  Further, by approaching model choice from a “purpose” perspective, the change leader can narrow the models to those most appropriate and avoid using a hammer when a screwdriver is needed.

 Do you understand your problem situation and which change model is needed?  Enroll Now!

Getting Started

"Reject the Assumptions holding back the Change that You Desire" - Enroll now to Get Started - $25

(4 video lectures + 2 supporting documents)  

*** Course & Lecture Descriptions ***

Rooting out assumptions-in-use is not always easy and takes some work.  This effort is like someone telling you to “get outside the box” when all you know is what is inside that box – there is no outside.  To overcome this difficulty, there is a worksheet that leads you through the process of discovering what you already believe about organizational change and how your beliefs are likely to affect the choices you make when designing and implementing a change project.

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Courses in Development
The following online courses are in various phases of development. 
    • Organizational Change Project Management Methodology
    • How to Influence People to Change (Stages of Change)
    • Diagnosis & Prescription for Change
    • 30-day Organization Workout
 (Consider becoming a Beta Tester if you would like early involvement in the development and roll-out of these courses.)