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Advanced Study Group

The Advanced Org-Change Study Group - open to doctoral students and scholar-practitioners interested in studying at the frontier of organizational change theory and practice    



Why you would like to be involved:


• Participate in the excitement of being in a

    small group of people working at the leading-

    edge of org-change theory and practice

• Gain recognition as an expert in org-change

   (doctoral level study) 

How we approach the advanced study of org-change:
 • Gain awareness of emerging org-change theory

    and practice

• Clarify our understanding of what we believe

    about org-change

• Test our ability to articulate new org-change




What we do together in the LinkedIn Group:

• Engage in active learning dialogue with

    knowledgeable people

• Connect with others who are also org-change
    scholars, and call upon them to extend our
    knowledge of the theory supporting org-change
    practices that work